SACRAMENTO– On National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, Assemblyman Joe Patterson has introduced new legislation to combat human trafficking.

AB 229 aims to make it a violent felony to commit human trafficking of a sexualized nature, therefore qualifying as a strikable offense under California’s Three Strikes Law. This change will allow for harsher penalties for those who engage in human trafficking, particularly of a sexual nature against children, which is a heinous and violent crime.
Assemblyman Joe Patterson said: “Everything wrong about California criminal law is laid out in our statutes pertaining to human trafficking: currently, trafficking children for sexual purposes is not considered a violent felony. These perpetrators need to be held accountable and AB 229 will do just that.”

Human trafficking is a criminal enterprise that preys on the vulnerable and exploits them for labor and commercial sex. “Tens of thousands of children and adults have been sex trafficked right here in the Sacramento region, including Placer and El Dorado Counties, since 2015. Every Assemblymember present here today, in Sacramento, has a responsibility to join me in taking action. As a father of four young children, I implore you to join me and work together to protect Californians who are most at risk,” said Assemblyman Joe Patterson as he introduced AB 229 on the Assembly Floor.

This National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, Assemblyman Joe Patterson and his team pledge to do everything in their power to bring an end to this terrible crime by supporting this legislation and other initiatives.

Assemblyman Joe Patterson believes that all crimes that are inherently violent should be designated as ‘violent felonies’. AB 229 makes felony domestic violence, all types of sexual assault and human trafficking of a sexualized nature all strikeable offenses.