SACRAMENTO-Three crucial pieces of legislation authored by Assemblyman Joe Patterson, AB 19, AB 889, and AB 890, successfully passed through the Assembly Floor today. This milestone marks a significant step towards safeguarding our communities and preventing further loss of life in the ongoing fight against California’s escalating fentanyl crisis.

AB 19, the first of the three bills, ensures all 10,000 public schools in the state maintain two doses of naloxone, a life-saving medication used to reverse the effects of fentanyl poisoning. By equipping schools with this vital resource, Assemblyman Patterson seeks to mitigate the risks posed by fentanyl exposure and provide immediate assistance to affected students, staff, and visitors on campus.

Recognizing the importance of raising awareness and education among parents and guardians, AB 889 requires schools to annually inform the 6 million students and families in California about the dangers associated with fentanyl. Assemblyman Patterson believes that informed parents and guardians are better equipped to recognize the warning signs and take proactive measures to protect their children.

Furthermore, AB 890 addresses the need for intervention and accountability for individuals involved in fentanyl-related crimes. This legislation requires those convicted of such offenses to participate in a probation class specifically tailored to fentanyl. By emphasizing the consequences and risks associated with fentanyl, Assemblyman Patterson aims to deter future criminal activity. AB 890 is sponsored by Placer County District Attorney Morgan Gire.

All three bills authored by Assemblyman Joe Patterson achieved bipartisan support, signaling a collective determination to address California’s fentanyl crisis across party lines.